This GOOGLE PIXEL 3 Camera APP Will CHANGE Your ANDROID Smartphone

This GOOGLE PIXEL 3 Camera APP Will CHANGE Your ANDROID Smartphone

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Google pixel 3 camera app can be installed on almost any android smartphone, and that completely changes the game ! Before i knew about this pixel camera port, i was filled with regret about my switch from an iphone 6 to the samsung s9 +, simply because android phones don’t take good photos. Well, except for google pixel phones. And with the launch of Google pixel 3 came camera ports that can be installed to your android smartphone, and the results are staggering.

Check out the sample photos between the Google pixel 3 camera app and the native Samsung s9 + camera app here! :

Download the app here:

Now it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, this app was specifically made for the google pixel phones and their cameras hardware. This means that the photos are not exactly like they would be from a pixel 3 camera. ALSO, the apps do crash and there are bugs here and there. But to be honest i would choose the google pixel camera app over the native samsung camera app every single time !

38 thoughts on “This GOOGLE PIXEL 3 Camera APP Will CHANGE Your ANDROID Smartphone”

  1. Hey man..
    Can u suggest me which version to use for Honor devices?
    I've tried out many of them but nothing seems to work well.

  2. I actually completely agree with you about the S9+ camera! Everyone and every YT channel just puts that camera in a pedestal, but in reality it's not like that! I took some really good shots with this phone, but in most cases, it just ends being a trash pic

  3. Hey. I have an s9+ with exynos chipset android 8.0.0. I have tried the exynos version on the site but it crashes whilst changing mode. Is there any extra step that I have missed? I've been using ios for the last 5 years sorry if it's a trivial question.

  4. Honestly I always believed that Samsung had shit cameras, but they don't. It's just that their image processing software is pure garbage. And I stay strong to this opinion. Samsung is the main reason why everyone thinks that Androids take crap photos. If they spent proper time and hired smart software engineers, then their cameras would've been so much better.

    Shame on you Samsung.

  5. My oneplus 6t default app looks so much sharper and better. The pixel 3 app smooths it out to where it looks like water color. The night mode is so much better though

  6. Looks like my 2016 Galaxy A3 native camera app is better than one in S9. It's predictable and doesn't make images so weirdly soft.

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