Michigan Cops Lose It Over Silent Photography PT.2

Michigan Cops Lose It Over Silent Photography PT.2

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Warren Police. Photographer on Public Sidewalk. 1st Amendment Audit! Michigan Cops Lose It Over Silent Photography PT.2. Detroit Arsenal. Part Two Freedom News Now.

Detroit Arsenal formerly Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant was the first manufacturing plant ever built for the mass production of tanks in the United States.

It now serves as an active Army facility with many agencies present.

Warren Police Department
Warren, MI



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20 thoughts on “Michigan Cops Lose It Over Silent Photography PT.2”

  1. I just don't get it. They put all this stuff out for people to see yet they go this crazy when you take pictures of it. Talk about STUPID people.

  2. the cop that grabbed the citizen and the bald eagle cop were the worst….smart a*s and cussing using foul language….i see cops arrest citizens all the time on youtube for using foul language, but it seems to be ok for them to use it, why doesn't the chief do something about these guys using bad language towards citizens?

  3. my Lord 2 more p. d.'s way overstaffed with nothing to do but hassle a cameraman……citizens what do you think about 8 or 9 dumbass cops doing nothing, and 1 photographer going about his 1st amendment protected activity, and all these cops blocking him, corrupt thug tyrants.

  4. Anything you can see in public with your eyes can be recorded by film and video. Your eyes cannot be trespassed.

  5. The most retarded cops ever.. I watch lots of video's like this.. and the cops in this are the most retarded I have ever seen by %300

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