Huawei Mate 20 Pro VS Full-frame DSLR Camera full comparison (ENG sub)

Huawei Mate 20 Pro VS Full-frame DSLR Camera full comparison (ENG sub)

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As a popular phone recently, Huawei Mate 20 Pro surely has some attractive specs on paper like 40m pixels, 16mm wide angle lens and 1.4 big aperture lens. So does these modern phones can be used as serious photography. I did some comparison with the old Canon 6D and 24-105 kit lens since their similar prices and all-round usability. I won’t call it professional comparison and I didn’t mean to judge a better device. I just like to offer some thoughts through the comparison and the method is only my point of view.

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  1. 你开夜景模式拍(我指的是白天拍也用)就知道单反囧了,夜景模式的多帧hdr叠图高级ai算法除了拍食物不行,别的都是万能的,单反的技术目前根本做不到这点LOL

  2. I mean if you compromise the image quality a little bit then you can avoid bringing the camera along everytime, but thing i hate the most is, when you record a video, phone doesn't blur the background cuz the processors aren't that powerful to give realtime tracking…. thats a big plus point for cameras….

  3. You state that while shooting video the Canon is capable of that cinematic background blur and that Huawei's portrait blur is useless.
    However, in 1080p quality the camera has a filter that offers just that cinematic blur.

  4. I like the idea (although you cannot possibly compare a smart phone camera to a proper camera!) And I like the fact you translated it. Also the girl is cute.

    Big like from me!

  5. This isnt the 1st phone vs camera shootout
    The fact that we're now comparing cellphones to dslr, not point and shoots mind you, tells us how far phone cameras have gone. Hail Huawei!

  6. Yo no puedo entender como hay gente tan estúpida que necesita comparar una cámara DSLR con un Teléfono Movil…
    Imaginen si las grandes agencias de publicidad usaran teléfonos móviles…. jejejejeje me da mucha riza de solo el echo de pensarlo…

    Vamos gente seriedad….
    Aparte el vídeo lo hacen con un Móvil de ultima generación y una cámara que ya es vieja… al menos consigan una Canon 6D MK 2 o una Canon 5D MK4…. ceriedad por favor… igualmente se nota que Huawei puso dinero en este casi comercial de comparacion…!

  7. I do own a Canon DSLR myself and I agree that those great Japanese brands like Canon, Nikon and even Sony (!!) has to learn about software image processing. By the way, the model is so kawaiii ! (sorry for my english, I'm french)

  8. For today’s world the smartphones are making images plenty good enough for social media where most images are viewed anymore

  9. Great video comparing 2 of the leaders in photography.
    I must say, a phone will never replace a camera, specially a Canon, however a partnership with Leica, as given Huawei a crucial edge to lead and dominate the current market
    Well done Huawei.

  10. No need to compare, if a phone can make a photo better than a DSLR, a pig can fly.
    Think about the sonsor size, think about the lens size, sharp depth, etc. A phone has a relatively good camera (among phones) is good, please do not compete with a DSLR.
    For the people who know photography, who care about the "Leica" certifed lens with a eye-drop size. To the end, you can only look the picture in phone size!

  11. Nice work! I don't understand why these bitches are bitching on you, they just don't know your approach on this video. This guy is just saying whether you should spend $$$$ on a phone just for its camera, or you have plenty of options to choose in the old DSLR market for the same price in 2018. and he did not give the answer. Whether choosing m20 pro or not for portability is your choice. the only thing I don't like about the comparison is not to have a prime lens on the DSLR, girls with less knowledge on full frame camera would be blown away to see pictures with F2.8 or bigger aperture. I recommend doing a A7R 1 with 35mm 2.8 in comparison to M20 pro, 6D is too big and heavy.

  12. Cameras are used for photography and other film stuff only. They can't be compared with the mobile phones that are out there.though the mate 20 has a 40 megapixel camera it still has no mach with my 24 megapixel canon dslr.

  13. Dude, how you can compare "image quality" by just looking at the screens of compared devices. Absolutely every shitty pic you shoot must logically look much better on 2018's AMOLED panel than old TN panel used for 6D. I think you should rather make something more useful than being engaged in photography with such amateurish approach. The translation into English is made by Google Translator apparently…better think next time than doing something comic like this! But as a comedy, good job!

  14. Huawei that used DSLR camera pictures as if the pictures were taken with Huawei phone. Same Huawei that allegedly stole Samsung invention. How can I accept this comparison. Fraudsters I may say

  15. DSLRs right now will still be better than any smartphone camera, even old cheap models… the only question is yourself… is photography your passion or you just like to snap photos that turns out to be good…

    because a 1000$ phone can do much more stuff than a 800$ dslr…

  16. 300 dollar for my poco f1 takes better photos than mate 20 with gcam. I can send u pics if u dont believe. Potraits are even betr dan dslr

  17. The price comparison is not faire. Camera is only a small function of phone, but it is all the functions of DSLR. Your DSLR cannot run App and make a phone call. In addition, you said the phone and camera setup have the same prices. This is not correct. The price of your phone is the new product price, but your camera price is the second hand price of old product. The second hand price of this mate 20 pro after several years should be much lower than the price today.

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