Honor V20: Detailed Hands On & 48MP CAMERA SAMPLES!

Honor V20: Detailed Hands On & 48MP CAMERA SAMPLES!

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Yes! You’ve read that right. The notch trend has now transitioned into a camera cutout! How bad is it? Or maybe, how GOOD is it? Spoiler: I’m not a huge fan of it.
Regardless, the Honor V20 comes with top level hardware so you’re getting flagship specs at somewhat affordable prices. Check out the video to find out more!

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25 thoughts on “Honor V20: Detailed Hands On & 48MP CAMERA SAMPLES!”

  1. I agree a teardrop looks far better than these hole-punches.
    At the very least it should be CENTRAL. I cant stand asymmetric designs.

  2. "we also have this 3d sensor, for 3d images and 3d games"
    Wow……. No. Not at all. Its a depth sensor to give better control over focus in the camera and apps/games which support that.
    What are you talking about "3d images"?

  3. Awesome phone video quality is GODlevel and yeah smallest one tear drop notch is better but this pinhole is way better than iphone or pixel notch

  4. I can't stop looking at the hole I think here in the Holland no one saw phones like this…
    I would feel embarrassed when peoples see this big weird hole when I open apps with white background example. google/play store

  5. I got to say I also rather have the teardrop notch way more but everyone thinks this is the best way
    It saves more screen but the screen above it is useless so it kinda blew it up example when I see the mate 20 I don't like how the notch watching video and feels perfect also when rotating I put mine dumb where the notch is and cuz its in the center you feel like its not really hiding some important stuff………

  6. Watching using my Honor 8x. Hoping that i'll get that kind of phone, willing to swap my phone on that. Hahaha thanks in advance

  7. You said that you were using the Honor V20 to record the video, yet still, I am seeing the outlines of what appears to be a mirrorless camera in the reflection of the V20.
    Do you mean that you used another V20 only for the intro part of the video?
    Thank you for your reply.

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