Dark Food Photography – SHOOTING and EDITING

Dark Food Photography - SHOOTING and EDITING

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Join me in the studio where I show you how I shoot and edit dark food photography. I use Adobe Lightroom for editing.

EXIF data for the image I edit in the tutorial: 100mm – f5.0 – ISO100 – 0.3 sec

Want to make those truffles? Here’s the recipe:

The LED lighting mentioned is the Westcott Flex Daylight LED Cine Set:

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23 thoughts on “Dark Food Photography – SHOOTING and EDITING”

  1. Quite interesting, but why restrict yourself to Ligthroom for the editing? Photoshop will give you a lot more flexibility in applying corrections to only certain parts of the photo via layers and masks?

  2. Okay you are killing me here… You discuss the bright areas of a photo drawing your attention, but you leave a too hot highlight on the cocoa power dish and the dish the truffels are on… And that is all I can see. Really, you are very skilled. And I will look at your other vids. Because honestly we can all learn from one another either from the good or the not so good. I would have flagged the hot spots on those two rims. to diminish those highlights.. maybe that is just me…

  3. LOVE this video!! I am not versed in Lightroom, but do you prefer it to Photoshop? I have worked in Photoshop, but I always look for ways to improve my photo editing. I love all of your videos. Watching them gets me so excited to take my food pics! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I've recently discovered your channel and have binge-watching for the last couple weeks. I have to say, on a totally unrelated note, that your eye makeup in this video is ON POINT!!! Well done! Thanks a million for so much amazing tips, tricks and knowledgeable info!

  5. Thank you for doing this tutorial. I'm a starting food photographer, just wanting to get nicer photo's for my website. Cooking and baking is my hobby and making it look good is such a challenge! So I will watch more of your video's and tag you on instagram!

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