Review: Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Camera

Review: Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Camera

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Check out our review of the Canon EOS M50 mirrorless camera. In this video Jeff McLain explores the pros and cons of the camera and discusses who it might be perfect for! If you have an investment in Canon lenses and are looking for something lighter that will still work with your system, the M50 might be the right choice for you!

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9 thoughts on “Review: Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Camera”

  1. Say thank you thank you thank you for your presentation on the Canon M50 have a great Thanksgiving dinner thank you for sharing this great video

  2. I use it as a travel/hiking camera. I am very happy with it, particularly since I bought some third party prime lenses that deliver very sharp images despite being rather inexpensive (be forewarned, though that most have no autofocus, which is fine with me but not everybody's taste). But some of the Canon lenses are fine, too, such as the 18-55 kit lens or the 22 mm lens. And, yes you can use an adapter to use your favorite L-lenses, but at that point, you're back to heavy equipment and might as well use the DSLR.

  3. I just recently baught this camera kinda scared i got the wrong one, and since a friend of mine told me i should of gone with the rebel. I'm new to camera thing, and basically wondering what is a next step up lens. Im thinking a 300mm because unless im wrong i xan shoot in 200 mm also. Any advice will help thank you.

  4. Great review guy, i got a few travel ventures to do and don’t feel like carrying 20lbs of dslr gear around the world….thx.

  5. Great review Thanks so much for sharing I'm thinking about buying this camera. Would you recommend it for my youtube channel

  6. A thumbs up to the review which was pretty brief but relevant. A major criticism that I find with your review was the fact that you pointed out a significant issue with the soft focus effect on the images but then you raised a fundamental point with using the adaptor mount to mount an L series lens on it. I agree what would be the point in grabbing the M50 going for a walk with a weighted L series lens. In my opinion, this defeats the whole point of a Grab n Go camera especially with it being a mirrorless camera. Surely in this sense of making a point, the cost factor would be to buy a real basic entry level canon and with the modifications stick your L series on that.
    Personally, I would have thought you'd have made the presentation tuned toward the functionality and purpose of the mirrorless feature in comparison to mirrored like for like Grab n Go cameras. For those of us not yet totally up to date with Mirrorless cameras are they any better, why are they better, what's the advantage of them in terms of cost and end results against mirrored cameras and if these questions and others are remarkable how do they compare with the iPhone​ X or Samsung S9 which are boasting some remarkable features in the Grab n. Go market.

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