Galaxy Note 9 vs Note 8 FULL Comparison with Camera Test!

Galaxy Note 9 vs Note 8 FULL Comparison with Camera Test!

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Here is the Galaxy Note 9 vs Note 8 Full Comparison with Camera samples. Note 8 vs Note 9 review is highly requested. Is it worth upgrading to the Note 9 over the Note 8? Is the Note 9 Camera better?
Qualcomm Snapdragon 845:

Galaxy Note 9 by Samsung could be the best smartphone of 2018 but is it the best time to buy a Galaxy Note 8? Check out the Note 9 vs Note 8 camera test comparison and let me know who you think won. Full Galaxy Note 9 review coming up soon!

Video in partnership with Qualcomm but all opinions are my own.

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22 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 9 vs Note 8 FULL Comparison with Camera Test!”

  1. YouTube finally processed past 360p! Shout out to the notification gang! Which one do you choose? Note 9 or Note 8?

  2. I like the Note8 it Looks better!! I love note series for the RECTANGULAR look & design. If i want a SQUARE phone I'll look elsewhere.

  3. Both of them are good but the note 8 is now a price of how much the budget smartphones cost. Will anyone buy the Note 8 in 2019?

  4. They better make Android Pie a lot better than Oreo, I look to see it more presentable, and the apps need to look up to par, I understand that the updates on the phone has nothing to do with the Apps but that's something I want to see look a lot better, and camera also needs an update or upgrade, I look forward to seeing the Note 10.

  5. In 2 years when the Note 8 and 9 batteries start to lose their ability to hold a charge… I'll still be using my Note 4 with replaceable battery. Lol…

  6. The note 8 looks more expensive. Note 9 looks like a knock off. But they are amazing phones. I have the note 9 and it's somewhat same as note 8

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