Camera Comparison: What’s the Best Full Frame Camera Under $2000? 5DIII vs. 6DII vs. a7II

Camera Comparison: What's the Best Full Frame Camera Under $2000? 5DIII vs. 6DII vs. a7II

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We’re comparing the Canon 5DIII with the Canon 6DII and Sony a7II to find out which one is the best full frame camera on the market, today on The Slanted Lens!

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21 thoughts on “Camera Comparison: What’s the Best Full Frame Camera Under $2000? 5DIII vs. 6DII vs. a7II”

  1. This might be a dumb question, but are there 6DII firmware updates capable of improving the dynamic range, to allow the camera to make better use of the potential of the sensor?

  2. I think the real determining factor is if she was wearing red lipstick or a plum lipstick. Because the A7II was the only one that consistently showed the lipstick as red.

  3. I really like your channel. You've provin to be non biased and gave a nice honest review of all three cameras. I already own the 5D3 But want something full frame that will auto focus on video. The 6D is my cheapest option. I just can't afford the EOS-R or the 5D4. I remember when some Indi Feature film makers where going wild ober using the 5D2 to make feauture films. Such as "The Silent House" and "Like Crazy" I prefer video production as well. That's why I bought the 5D3. But sometimes I just want to use my DSLR like a camcorder and let it do the focusing for me. Because it's not like I'm shooting a film and need to block a shot. Can't wait to see more of your videos.

  4. I'm shocked to hear about the Sony battery life. I had a Sony HC-7 camcorder with a battery that lasted almost 10 hours.

  5. I've come to realize I am so old school. I started with my Dad's Minolta SRT-201 and his Minolta X-9 SLR's in the late 90's. I am still used to focusing what I want to take a photo of using the center focus point. Then moving it slightly to the left or right to properly frame it. I end up just setting my foucid point on the center and being done with it. In fact I still use those old MD mount Minolta lenses on my Canon DSLR's using an adapter.

  6. There is only full frame. There is nothing else. Well ok I have an 80D as well. But growing up shooting 35mm film all my life. I find it hard to shoot anything less.

  7. Under 2000? The D850. You might say: wait that is over 3K. Yes it is, yet is doesn't. You earn back the upward price in about one month of professional use as you don't need to mess around with RAW any longer. I found the JPEG's to be so good on the D850, I stopped using lightroom. It saves me 200 bucks each week in post.

  8. On my screen. sony looks noisier (and darker) but seems to hold more detail in color. 5diii looks cleaner but with a magenta cast and the 6dii noisier than 5d and more magenta.

  9. I had this doubt and well youre right. There's no clear conclusion unless you just really like one and want to stick to it.

    Sonys a bit cheaper but lenses may be more expensive. And the canons are a bit higher new but have good features too and cheap lenses. So… flaver of the day

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