Canon EOS R Review (for Photography)

Canon EOS R Review (for Photography)

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The Canon EOS R is a quirky little camera. There are a lot of features I like about it, but there are a bunch of things that annoy me about it when I tested it taking photos too.

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Special thanks to B&H for letting me borrow this camera and 3 lenses to do this review.

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📖 Table of Contents:

👍🏼 PROS:
1:25 — Electronic Viewfinder
1:47 — Size of Focus Area
2:22 — New RF Lenses
2:43 — Lens Adapters
3:18 — Eye Tracking Autofocus
4:15 — LCD Screen
4:58 — Focus Peaking & Focus Guide
5:32 — USB-C Charging
5:47 — The new 35mm Macro IS Lens

👎🏼 CONS:
6:27 — Ergonomics & Manual Function Trackpad
7:57 — Front Heavy Lenses
9:00 — 1 SD Card Slot
9:39 — No built-in intervalometer for time lapse photos
10:13 — Summary/Who Should Buy The EOS-R

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5 thoughts on “Canon EOS R Review (for Photography)”

  1. I was looking for a B cam to add to my C100 mark 2 and to replace my 1 DS3 for photos, but to me this camera doesn’t add up and over priced at £2400 and the lack of features that Sony and Fuji have, Canon seem to have not listened to what photographers want and strip out and cut corners. The only reason I’ve been loyal to Canon is the quality of the glass and nothing comes close to the 70 – 200 F 2.8 L 2. I have looked at the Sony A 7 3 but the ergonomics are a nightmare and doesn’t have the robustness and could end up being broken easily and I don’t know whether Sony has the pro support like Canon does in the UK .

  2. Caleb, thank you so much for your review. Regarding the touchscreen touch to focus, I have to admit I was really worried about this functionality of this on the EOS R since I am SOOOO use to using the joystick for choosing focus points. After using the EOS R for about a week, I love the touch to focus feature as it is MUCH faster to select a focus point than the joystick. I shoot servo mode a lot and am constantly changing focus points when shooting sports and it would take some time for the focus point to move across the screen on my Mark III. It's now just a couple of taps of the screen to slide the point exactly where I want it. It does take some getting used to, but most everyone that I've talked to that has the EOS R has fallen in love with this feature after getting used to it.

    Also, you can customize the buttons on this camera like I've never seen! One of my favorite changes I made is mapping the record button to the AF-ON button so I don't have to access the standard record button any longer. I have also mapped the multi function slider to change ISO (since I don't have any RF lenses yet and can't use the new ring) and have found no problems using it to change ISO when needed and then just hitting the lock button to prevent unnecessary changes. I also have the left side set to zoom in to check focus and the right side disabled since that's where my thumb is usually at to prevent any unwanted button presses.

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