Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker caught on camera in tense exchange

Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker caught on camera in tense exchange

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Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker caught on camera in tense exchange at Brexit summit.…

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20 thoughts on “Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker caught on camera in tense exchange”

  1. You need to look a bit more covincing Thezza. Try putting on a Maggie Thatcher wig and banging him around the head with your handbag while screaming like a banshee.

  2. Juncker was "elected" by a few hundred votes by MEP who each were elected by a minority of voters compared to the total electorate in the EU. Farage has explained perfectly well why the EU is a scam with credibility.

  3. To this day I never really understood the point of the European Union and the single currency. The Deutsche Mark, Franc and the Lira were all strong currencies and were doing just fine, and the labour market was always available without free movement. And the sale of goods and imports had always existed within Western European countries and Scandinavian countries. So what was the point of all this, because all it’s done is create chaos, disorganisation, uncontrolled immigration, burden on the governments of wealthy EU countries in terms of health, education, housing, social welfare, policing problems , racism, bigotry, the rise of far- right populist parties. So what was the point of letting underdeveloped Eastern European countries join the European Union? Who seem to benefit a lot from the free movement and the single currency, but contribute very little in return? Look at how the pro EU hawks treat the British Prime Minister. I mean the poor lady has been moving backwards and forwards like a yo yo trying desperately to reach a agreement that will benefit her country , and these hawks are making a example of her to other countries, that if you even think about leaving the EU, this is how we humiliate you. The poor lady is getting tossed over London to Europe and back over and over. I feel sorry for her. All she wants is good for her people.

  4. I'm a born Working Class socialist' so I want May and the rest of the Tory's gone but after viewing some of the shtick' she's been served up by the EU I'm starting to (in a weird way) feel slightly protective of her ….someone please go over there and bring her back,lol….

  5. Junker epitomizes the arrogant EU elite, bloated, drunk and completely out of touch with the people of Europe. I can't wait for the EU elections in May, the elite will get one hell of kicking.

  6. Time we just leave the EU with no deal, if they want a penny of our money they can give us a free trade agreement otherwise we will just trade on WTO rules which will hit them harder than us seeing as the EU exports more to us than we do to them. Then we can create trade deals with faster growing economies like the USA, Chine, India etc.

  7. Why they send her .all these weakest Britain's politicains should have go and negotiated but no one had the guts to go……

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