Best pre wedding video || Akash & Priyanshi || by Piyush dosi photography

Best pre wedding video || Akash & Priyanshi || by Piyush dosi photography

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Once in a while,
Right middle in the ordinary life,
Love gives us a fairy tale …………

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Weddings have always been an emotional affair, and everyone wants their wedding to be the most special and the most remembered event in their lives. With the pre-wedding preparations gaining a lot more importance in weddings today, one thing that is fast becoming the latest trend is ‘Wedding invitation videos’. These are creative concepts based on the specific requirement of clients, and are an interesting and fun way of communicating your wedding details to your friends and family. In today’s digital age, it is proves to be extremely convenient and is also innovative, as they can be uploaded on your wedding website, can be sent as private YouTube links to your guests, or can be sent out on thumb/pen-drives or CD’s/DVDs to your guests, friends and family!

Let us know if you need an awesome invite or a creative out of the box wedding website where guest can upload pics and create galleries and discus the sweet moments with each other!

Dosi Kala Mandir is a creative studio, where strategic thinking and creative execution bring concepts and business strategies to life, across many forms of communication. Our focus is not only on aesthetics, but also on usability, functionality and high standards.
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