Video Demo : License Plate Recognition (LPR) Camera & Software Features

Video Demo : License Plate Recognition (LPR) Camera & Software Features

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This video demonstration covers the latest hardware and software features of Virtual Surveillance’s license plate recognition (LPR) security cameras. These precisely engineered license plate recognition cameras are capable of capturing 99% of all license plates that pass through the camera’s field of view! Record and monitor every vehicle that enters or leaves your property with an LPR camera system!

An LPR cameras system is a fantastic addition to an video surveillance system and can be used to monitor employee / logistic arrival and departure times, generate alerts for unauthorized personnel or personnel on site after approved hours, and be integrated with an I/O device to trigger other devices such as alarms, flood lights, door locks, and electric gates!

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8 thoughts on “Video Demo : License Plate Recognition (LPR) Camera & Software Features”

  1. Hi youandiryan: Now i don't know if you komment was an answer to my comment, by i don't necessary want to buy it myself, although we could use it here in Ecuador, where i live (I am Originally from Denmark!!!). I only want to know, if LPR Cameras are superior in EVERY way, compared to "Normal" Surveillance Cameras, because if there are no drawback, apart from perhaps the price, then why doesn't everybody just buy such a camera instead, but you have perhaps given the answer youself, because it is not allowed. I don't get it though. The Police would probably solve a lot more crimes, at least in the US and Canada, since almost everybody drives, if all resident were allowed to have an LPR Camera, because just because you footage of a licenceplate, doesn't mean, that you have access to the Police Licen Plate system, so unless a crime has been committed or a person has gone missing, which you happen to have on your camera, on a certain date and time, doesn't mean, that you can do anything with that information, other than turn it over to the Police of course!!!

    Sincerely Thomas.

  2. Hi virtualsurveillance I Have a Question. Can LPR Cameras be used as "Normal" CCTV's without any drawbacks from the specialized software??? In other words, is there nothing a Normal CCTV, WITHOUT this specialized software of LPR-Cameras, can do better, than a LPR Camera, for instance foottage on a bright sunny day???In other words again, does this specialized software in the LPR-Cameras in any way handicap the camera in other more normal situations, which are not specifically at night, capturing numbers and letters of licenceplates, with glaring headlights and reflective licenceplates??? In other word, is there a Tradeoff in a LPR-Camera, to get these specific characteristics, which makes them not so ideal in other more mondane situations???

    Hope you understand my question

    Sincerely Thomas.

  3. hello un colombian And i need a Face And plate software recognition, my celphone +573144445687 i need yo know price And instruction.. thank u very much.. i still waiting 4 ur answer

  4. most of the police have these in Canada. But ONLY the police or military can buy these. businesses are not allowed. civilians are not allowed. if your caught with this and your not police or military it will be confiscated and could face fines pr charges in Canada

  5. Scammy sales job just adjust the settings like shutter speed on most cameras. If you can get the pixels of the image of the plate to be 1/7 the total frame any camera can be put into free software now that will read the numbers and put them into text.

  6. I have this camera, is the software on the stick that came with the box. I have trouble at night. So need to adjust settings, can I do that from the laptop via the ip address if I am hooked up to a router?

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