Photography and Growing on Instagram! Q&A EP 20

Photography and Growing on Instagram! Q&A EP 20

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Wassup ya amazing human, in today’s Q&A sesh we’ll be having a chat about photography and growing on instagram as well as some other random questions that you guys have sent me 🙂

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28 thoughts on “Photography and Growing on Instagram! Q&A EP 20”

  1. Would anyone like to join our engagement group on IG? A community of all niches photographers, models, cinema, graphic design, all creatives etc.. to support eachother and have a place to get feedback and express your creativity. Drop IG names!

  2. Honestly you can tell that you love and truly enjoy what you are doing! I love when your video's capture you at your most real and vulnerable moments because your laugh and smile has to be the most 100% real on YouTube! ❤❤❤❤

  3. Hi I am 14 and I just got into photography and photoshop editing it's really fun and I enjoy it alot more than most things but I can't figure out how to do the floating person with using a chair do u think you could do a tutorial on that pleaseeee

  4. To keep fairy lights organized, bring a paper towel carton roll and wrap it around. If you have a really long one… idk. Btw follow @davud_photography on instagram

  5. I love your channel so much and you inspired me to make my channel and without you I would not have my channel and btw you helped me so much with photography

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