Working The Scene : JAPAN Street Photography #5 (Fujifilm X100F)

Working The Scene : JAPAN Street Photography #5 (Fujifilm X100F)

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Episode #5 of my Japan street photography series.
This time we explore the harbour city Kobe and try to find the best light and work the scene!


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34 thoughts on “Working The Scene : JAPAN Street Photography #5 (Fujifilm X100F)”

  1. I'd be interested in knowing your settings it's just amazingly perfect even in harsh or extreme conditions. Great video anyway so thank you very much!

  2. The Photograph at 2:40 with the woman's shadow on the right casting on the woman in the middle is my favorite!!! Amazing shot and great technique! Also Samuel, do you have a flickr???

  3. Hello, where did you put the camera when taking photos? I think Japanese people want to have their privacy well protected, like German. I want to take street photos as well, but still worry about other people's reaction to it. Thank you.

  4. 人の顔とりすぎ、w

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed this video. I have a question, what film simulation were u using while shooting? Thanx in advance. Keep up the good work.

  6. Damn! Sick shots man. I really feel like upgrading from the Ricoh GR II to this. The image quality from the X100F is astounding.

  7. Street photography is a waste of time and dangerous – I wouldn't do it again never –  finished photographing in public – they want their picture taken pay me and hand me a release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. wow! This is very interesting, illustrating your thoughts (with great humor) and process during the shoot out. Thanks and keep it up!!

  9. Nice, I like it, very interesting, very good to put the shooting data, I noticed that you use a lot of the crop (by the way very well), you do it in postproduction ??
    thanks if you reply, and congratulations for the job

  10. Great video! But why is out ISO always „this high“ I think there is enough light to get it down to 100 even when it would make any difference anyway haha just saying. Great pictures anyway

  11. 1st time iv seen your channel, excellent, iv subscribed, i own the X100F, and the X70 and the XT1 lol, but dont do street photography, but after watching this i might give it a go, i notice everything was F8, so u have your camera set Auto Shutter, Auto ISO "when did ASA, become ISO", i always wonder that lol, anyway, them 2 on auto and apature on F8,, might try that. Thank You

  12. It's really interesting to have your thought process laid out for all to see with the video camera set up on top of your X100F, and your little notes are pretty hilarious.

    Only thing I'm sad about is that you didn't take advantage of the contrasting light in the background, the "circle" effect of the barriers and the split from the lamp post at 2:59. Think it would've made a great shot!

    Everyone else is spot on about the reflection shots, though. Some really nice stuff.

  13. Wow this video was awesome! I loved the narration, showing what you were thinking, really cool to see the actual process and how you work the scene. Thank you so much!

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