How to fit your video camera to your scope for shooting.mp4

How to fit your video camera to your scope for shooting.mp4

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Here is a short layman’s terms tutorial explaining how to fit a video camera to your scope to use when shooting.

It was requested by Elliott.



22 thoughts on “How to fit your video camera to your scope for shooting.mp4”

  1. Nice work! I saw a similar setup on The Airgun Show but couldn't find the video again! Thanks for making the time for this! A huge help mate.

  2. Hi Si (does that make me a poet? LOL)
    I did a similar job with some thin wall tube I salvaged from an aluminium spray canister (300cc) and a 30mm to 49mm ring araldited into the end. I then built up the eyepiece diameter to suit, with decorators masking tape, enabling adjustment of the camera lens position relative to the eye relief of the scope.
    BTW I'm profoundly impressed with your accuracy. In what branch (I suspect of the military) were you? I had a Marksman flash (RAF in 1960)
    Keep up the good work.
    Stay safe,
    'old' Jim

  3. Hi si this is my first comment ,I'm subscribed iv got this setup with a sony dcr-dvd405 and a smk 3-9×40 scope yet when I fire the gun the focus jumps right out of focus and iv done all the steady shot etc can u help many thanks Scott sorry to bore u

  4. Hi Si ! Noticed on some of your earlier vids you was using the R10 which I was thinking of buying until I watched you firing the Hw100s. Which rifle would you reccomend for rabbits and ratting and why? Thanks Si

  5. Good job Si

    I have one mode by Dave Welham for my Canon 550D and it also fits my Sony Night shot these work a bloody treat.

    ATB Malc

  6. lovely vid si, wot a good simple way πŸ™‚ ,does any1 know any thing abot the new digi nite-eye scopes? they any good? and does an ir reticle rely make a difference when lamping? cheers

  7. Great Si. Best and simplest adaptor vid I have seen on utube to date and I've seen a few. I have a step-up adaptor for my video camcorder so will put this into place. A shame the days are much shorter at the moment as most of my hunting success at the moment with rabbits is at dusk!

  8. Fantastic Si, this is a great help. I'm sure all those hoping to improve their shooting footage will benefit from this tutorial. Nice and simple to follow. Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to give it a go! ATB, Elliott

  9. Thanks for this video Si. I just got my Handycam DCR-SR35E off of Ebay yesterday and I have a Hawke Sidewinder too on my Daystate Mk4. So this video was made to measure for me. Great stuff as usual

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