Camera Angles and Techniques

Camera Angles and Techniques

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How to shoot deceptive camera angles, including the zolly shooting technique and why you should include multiple different angles. This video and more is included in the Creating Action Videos (DVD) which is available here at .

35 thoughts on “Camera Angles and Techniques”

  1. this is nice and educative what would be the maximum number cameras at a fighting action scene and at what angles since actors have to move around fall like that thanks
    am waiting

  2. I go to La film school and we learned all this in my second class there. "Film Theory." we went more in depth than that even. O.o so im a bit surprised to hear ppl dont even learn this basically. Im watching to freshen up and keep it on my mind. great vids though. Highly useful.

  3. @GOrockets11
    I agree with you to some point. But there are a lot of talented students who can pull it off quite nicely. All the kids on here being like OMG they don't teach me this. Thats because your teacher probably knows that your incapable of understanding its true effect, and if they were to teach it to you, you would just abuse the shit out of it.

  4. dont do the dolly zoom if you are trying to make a serious film or short film…too many student films do this and it's just crap it's a cool effect but just dont do it

  5. @ShelterDogs You've missed the point entirely. My comment was not about using one camera angle or shot length over another, but rather the concept that camera placement should be motivated by the content or story-not production value.

  6. @SalilSundresh Okay. So don't use different angles then. Make every shot long and have it dynamic and dramatic that way. Some of you listen to this stuff and take it so literally. I'm sure the guy in the video already knows that about long shots. Maybe he shouldn't have suggested it at all?

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