Teacher Accused of Punching Freshman in Fight Caught on Camera

Teacher Accused of Punching Freshman in Fight Caught on Camera

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A Los Angeles-area school teacher was arrested and charged with child abuse for allegedly punching a student several times during a violent encounter videotaped by classmates. The dispute began when Marston Riley, 64, told the student he was not wearing the proper school uniform, witnesses said. The boy reportedly responded with racial slurs, allegedly cursing and using the N-word. Marston Riley, 64, was released Saturday from Los Angeles County Jail on $50,000 bail.

30 thoughts on “Teacher Accused of Punching Freshman in Fight Caught on Camera”

  1. The boy should have never thrown the basketball at the teacher. The teacher was in his right to defend himself. I feel if he would had walked away the student could have thrown the basketball again at him. The teacher stood his ground! You can't say what you would have done if you were in the same situation as this teacher. This probably not first time this boy have disrespected this teacher in his classroom. The teacher probably just had enough when the boy assaulted him with the basketball.

  2. ThYou better watch yourself and defend yourself when it comes to punk kids in school, if you dont, then the WHOLE school ends up playing up in your class, its just like the motherfukin pen.

  3. he will never say that word again. trust me. that student learn a life lesson. you can't just insult and provoke people. somebody going to kick your ass.

  4. The teacher isn’t wrong these kids needs their asses whipped. Parents don’t parent or discipline their children putting the responsibility on the teachers when the kids act out because the lack of parenting. It’s the parents fault! Raise your children, discipline your children and teach them home to respect adults!

  5. now that black lady know she lying talkin bout the teacher shouldn't have socced him. If that was the police they would have shot his ass. For his foul mouth. he needed a black man whoop his ass. Period…..

  6. Whore his as out…… lol No good job he needed that for his file mouth Nah My Nigga that hoolio…… all bark but no bite Julio teacher wiped that that ass.

  7. Why aren't they showing the kid hitting the senior citizen with the basketball before the teacher hit back. you tried to create a narrative but thanks to youtube us non sheep saw the whole video.

  8. I too am torn by this incident. However, I have witnessed worse behavior by today's students. Their behavior is appalling and it appears to go unpunished.

  9. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… what happened bro?
    Nothing I'm ok
    Don't lie what happened?
    my teacher whooped my ass

  10. This is the kind of "child" that grows up to be a criminal. I'm so happy the teacher slapped him around a few times, ha ha!

  11. Freedom of speech whats this country got into all of a sudden words dont hurt punches do of course they all go with the teacher look at all the minority srudents in that school

  12. I’m on the teacher side! The kid wanted a beating so he got one! The teacher should’ve not been suspended! The kid should’ve been expelled from that school! Anyone agree!

  13. In the Hood we have an old saying, "Don't Let Your Mouth Write A Check, Your A)(*&ss Can't Cash". This is one of those classic moments………….

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