38 thoughts on “LG V40 Review: An Underrated Video Recording Powerhouse”

  1. thank you very much for this defensive video for LG,cause I always think that all the other smartphones companies try to overshadow the LG, but they are really good. I want to buy a LG V30

  2. I don't know why lg many people have I use have lg g6 it's very creative and spectacular camera mode lgV the v stands for Video.. Many features iPhone doesn't have that.. My biggest grip is the battery and software.. Lg ease update to pie

  3. I own LG G6 and really like the phone , infact this was a phone with which my screen time almost doubled.
    LG has fixed the selfie cam , sound and display with 2018 editions.
    I shot a small segment of a concert toggling between the two lenses and it came out great , with the third optical zoom lens the guitar solo could have been captured better. So i believe when one talks about the video quality and flexibility. The manual mode on camera is great.
    Add to everything the ip68 ratings that LG offers even on budget phone like Q series.
    The only thing that would keep me buying V40 is the low light camera quality for still photography and lack of quick software updates ( i dont have issue with the UI).
    LG cameras are not as sharp and refined as Samsung or Apple.
    I think LG is still one more iteration away from creating the perfect content creators phone.
    Awaiting G8 or V50….

  4. Incredible video and very on point as usual Ben.
    As V30 owner, I agree with you on everything. They're massively underrated and I'd say they've been they dark horse on the smartphone race over the last 2 years (speaking about the V family).
    In my opinion they are the most well rounded phones in the market, not the best but more of a jack of all trades that reach where others don't. The design is superb, flush and clean, so is the quality of the phone itself. Coming from a Nexus 6, I had never used any other UI but stock Android, but the one on the LG felt really user-friendly and very easy to learn and get used to.
    I bought a refurbished V30 for work and in 2 weeks I decided it would be my daily driver. For my work (real estate) a wide-angle lens was perfect, having better results than other camera phones and even than real digital cameras, DSLR, and so, without the need of carrying around a camera or needing a professional photographer.
    To me this phone is almost perfect except for 2 things, one as you said it's the battery. When I bought it, I could get 6 hours of screen-on-time and still have 10 or 15% left of battery, which was a lot more than the 3:30-4 hours that I could get on my Nexus if lucky. Now the battery has lost it a bit and 4 or 4:30 hours is more likely.
    I think that there's only one flaw, which is a 3400 mAh battery.

  5. I don't think LG help themselves .. They launch their phone but are actually not released into the market until a few months later. Most reviewers have forgotten this phone by this time they ship into market.

  6. The v40 has 8.1 but yet I have the G7 an it’s still stuck on 8.0 not even 8.1 it probably will never get the update to android p

  7. Lower your screen resolution to match the Huawei and thr battery should last longer than it currently does. 4k vs 1080

  8. Photos taken with the V40 look very nice to me. another V40 buying factor is the finger print sensor on the back.

  9. that's one feature that really sells me on the LG V40 and that's Oreo 8.2, dont like Pie.. Pie has still got some major bugs in it. Im leaning toward choosing the V40 over the Galaxy S10.

  10. Great review and to the point. I'm shopping for a replacement for my LG G4 (yeah, I know) today. I would call myself a power user, too. I was all ready to switch to a "cooler" phone, but all the features you described convinced me to give the v40 a chance, despite the battery life issues. But then, I've been dealing with that since the G2.

  11. Is the haptic feedback better on the V40 than the V30 because the V30 is the first Android phone where I didn't turn off this feature? It's literally perfect.

  12. I just chose the V30 over the Pixel 3 and I do not regret that decision one bit. LG makes great products and their use cases really lean towards content creators in a way that is unmatched across the industry. I use the HiFi recording to record music at my church at point blank range and the audio is not blown out and muffled. Wide angle is still a beast. The manual mode is one of the most feature rich without being too difficult to use and the battery life is wonderful. But the lack of advertising and previously poorly timed launches really put them behind. And the cameras while great are not the best in auto mode so yes they're behind in some areas but I haven't left LG since the V series came out and I've had the V10, V20, and now V30. Also I applaud you for being one of the few tech reviewers who doesn't automatically fall into the "it's not that good if it isn't popular" camp.

  13. This is a great review man, I liked the intro! Note, the app tray (7:20) is button press AND swipe up. I've had the V40 for 24 hours. My only complaints so far are how small the notifications & time are in the notification bar. I'd like to see them be about 40% bigger (then they would match the size on my previous phone, the Samsung S6) Also, the notch is only hidden in native LG apps, so I had to download Nacho Notch to hide the notch in all apps, but it drains the battery unfortunately, not sure how much. Like you mentioned, the double tap feature is awesome! One more thing, yes, better battery life would be nice, but then it would be a bulkier phone (like the Note 9, yikes). I like the light, sleek design. It's already been a little challenging switching to a phone this big, mainly the way it feels in my pocket. Any bigger would be too much. Thanks for the great unbiased review!

  14. I wish they would make a smaller version of their phones like pixel/pixel xl and S9/S9+. I love LG but I hate big phones.

  15. great info, i'm really excited for the UK release. listening critically using headphones … sounds like mildly aggressive noise reduction has been applied to your intro recorded with the lav mic …. did the phone do this or was it applied later in editing? ✌️

  16. If they made that 2nd screen functional like that ticker screen on the v20. People would probably forgive the notch. But im still rooting for this phone.

  17. Thanks for the review.

    I think the V40 is a very good phone from everything I've seen but LG needs to go further with their flagship. As you mentioned, the battery isn't bad but they should have put in a bigger battery given the physical size of the phone. The cameras are very good but they still have work to do to compete with the likes of Apple, Huawei and the Google Pixel. What I really don't get is why this phone didn't come out of the box with Android Pie. As an existing LG G6 owner, I know that LG does not have a good track record for updating their phones – it took them way too long to update the G6 to Android Oreo. So when do they plan on updating Android on their V40? My guess is as good as anyone's which would be sometime next week to possibly next summer.

    I'm giving the V40 serious consideration for my upgrade but it's not worth the $949 that is being asked for it unlocked here in the US (I have prepaid service as carrier contracts have gotten way too expensive). So I'll have to wait for it to drop to around $700. There's a lot to like about this phone…..headphone jack with quad DAC, expandable memory, great screen, newest Snapdragon processor, 6gb of ram……but $949 is too much.

  18. I feel you man 🙁 . I'm a big lg fan since i bought an lg g2 . Now I have the v30 and I think is the perfect phone ever. It has everything you want and is so thin and light and also cheap now. Im from Romania and here people only know samsung, apple, huawei and nokia.

  19. I brilliantly detailed and informative presentation.
    I've been drawn to this unit since it debuted, and changing handsets isn't something that I can take lightly in this part of the globe.
    I live in India, and LG hasn't released it in this country yet, so I'll have to see how much it costs here.
    I just have a couple of queries:

    1. How would you reckon this display quality compared to Note 9?
    2. Is the audio quality through headphone really audiophile-grade? Comparable to a dedicated Sony or Fiio personal MP3 player?
    Thanks in advance for your answer.

  20. LG could have the same marketing budget as huawei, apple and Samsung and they will still drop the ball. People remember the experiences they have with a phone brand and it sticks with even. Even if LG made the best phone of all time tommorow I would still not buy it because I remember how laggy the some of the older lg phones were after a few months. I know it's a different time and a different phone but that experience is hard to not forget.

  21. It very true what you said..LG is a good and quality brand..they make the best tvs, awesome fridges, speakers, washers which are best in class..

  22. Very good review, I need to talk about the speaker with BoomSound and I throw back the idea of ​​buying it for the battery, I have two drawbacks I like to record videos but I want a good battery.

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