10 LIGHTROOM tips to improve your PHOTOGRAPHY editing

10 LIGHTROOM tips to improve your PHOTOGRAPHY editing

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Do know ALL of these Lightroom tricks? After using Lightroom Classic for 10 years I have found some of the best photography editing tricks that I use every day.
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Lightroom Tips 1 – Use Auto tone in Lightroom Classic CC
Lightroom Tips 2 – Use the Angle tool in the Lightroom Crop section
Lightroom Tips 3 -Lightroom tips and tricks Crop overlays
Lightroom Tips 4 Lightroom tips for portraits – Add focus using the Lightroom radial brush. Perfect for lightroom portrait editing
Lightroom Tips 6 – Lightroom tutorial – Before and after using /
Lightroom Tips 6 – photography tips and tricks 6 – Reset specific sliders or sections
Lightroom Tips 7 – Use the Lightroom HSL panel for Luminance
Lightroom Tips 8 – how to draw straight lines in Lightroom Classic. Lightroom tips for beginners
Lightroom Tips 9 – How to use Lightroom visual copies
Lightroom Tips 10 – Use Lights out (L) to help you visuals you Lightroom Edits.

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27 thoughts on “10 LIGHTROOM tips to improve your PHOTOGRAPHY editing”

  1. Thanks Ed. This video is really very helpful. I loved the tip on luminance and also the tip on blur for portraits. Also I have enrolled for the Lightroom Like A Pro Course. Looking forward to it 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tips Ed. Definitely learned something new. My fav is the radial tool for portraits to bring focus to the face.

  3. I didn't know about the HSL panel option where you can drag the dot in the image to identify the colors on the panel. Great feature! Don't have much presets yet, so your B&W pack would be great!

  4. Luminance is amazing, and I use virtual copies all the time when I have a picture where I want different crops for different paper sizes. I then use the color flagging to identify which image goes to which paper. I might play with the other overlays more after watching this video.

  5. Great vid bud… thumbs up. My favourite feature on Lightroom is Collections sharing. When I create a collection i can create a share link to send to anyone to view my images straight from adobe lightroom cloud. Best wishes… Steve

  6. Maybe the best one is Spot Removal Tool, very helpful and shows how much Lightroom is powerful! Thanks for the video, I'll use the tips immediately!

  7. As always, love the video!! Every time I watch your Lightroom stuff, I can find something new to help me out!! There are so many things about LR that I love to use, but one of my favorites would be the leveling tool. Not just for landscapes, but I like to shift the view to add something creative. Oh and I hate Siri!!! Thanks again for the fun and informative videos!! Cheers!

  8. I really love what you do sir. But i was hoping maybe you could do a challenge of product photography with non professional items more like improvising. If you think its a good idea. Thank u.

  9. It's hard to choose, I would say the Tone sliders are basic, but without them the rest doesn't make much sense. So, those are my favorite.

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