5 TIPS for Autumn Foggy Forest Photography

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Beautiful Aerial Wedding Photography – DRONE FAIL!!

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So… I filmed a wedding last weekend. Using this drone:


Set Your Photographs Apart with These Incredible Pro-Lighting Techniques

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This is the trailer for our Fashion and Beauty Lighting Secrets DVD. Part out our Pro Photography Masterclass DVD series.

See how these stunning shots were created from start to finish.

Broaden your knowledge of studio and location lighting for Beauty Portraiture and Fashion Photography as Karl Taylor reveals some of his incredible lighting secrets. In this programme Karl shows you 9 incredible lighting set-ups and model shoots in an easy to understand format that will give your images that professional edge.

On this DVD you will learn:

* Beauty Studio Lighting
* Soft Light on Location
* Lighting Panels
* Soft Dish Techniques
* Fashion Lighting
* Mixed Lighting Sources for Drama
* Fashion Lighting on Location
* Beauty Dish and Backgrounds

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Freelance Videographer Tips: How To Price Your Video Production Services (Nik Koyama Interview 2017)

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Today’s guest, Nik Koyama runs a video production agency called The Visual Era based out of Santa Barbara, California. We decided to talk about how to price out projects, what our journey was like, so that hopefully it can inspire you to take your sales game to the next level.

Topics In the Video:
00:33 – what was it like learning how to sell your video production services?
01:12 – Rooting your desire (Knowing why you want to charge higher rates)
02:05 – Did you try all types of videos or offer a specific type of video to get to higher rates?
03:04 – switching from defense to offense – from ‘waiting for follow up’ to ‘going and getting it!”
04:34 – what was it like the first time you pitched your videos for higher than you used to?
05:56 – the secret to selling high priced video services
07:38 – what would you say to someone who’s trying to serve business owners better?
09:20 – should i offer additional services like Facebook Ads or Social Media Managing to get higher rates?
10:42 – partnering with other experts
12:00 – Videos are EASY to sell – getting paid more than what doctors get paid.
13:12 – What would you tell me right now if I’m struggling with selling video for higher rates?

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3) Or you can’t afford it right now, grab it for free here, learn how to sell, and buy it later:

4) “Leads On Command” (COURSE) 30 Proven Strategies to get new leads for your video business, no matter if you’re an introvert or extrovert, live in a big city or small city, love being on camera or hate it – we’ve got a strategy that will work for you! Learn More Here:

5) “The Discovery Formula” (COURSE) Never Waste Your Time Going To Sales Meetings That End In Radio Silence After They Seemed Excited To Hire You! Learn More Here:

Vuoi comprare una Videocamera? Occhio a non farti ingannare!

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In questo video vediamo come non farsi ingannare quando si acquista una videocamera. Cosa intendo con questo? Se ti è mai capitato di entrare in un negozio con l’intenzione di comprare una videocamere, avrai notato i loghi che riportano sopra: HD, Full HD, 4K.

Non farti però ingannare da questi loghi. La massima risoluzione a cui registrano non è necessariamente sinonimo di estrema qualità. Il numero massimo di pixel che acquisiscono è solo parte dell’equazione.

Come vengono acquisiti? Com’è il sensore? Che tipo di file generano?

Queste sono solo alcune delle domande che bisogna tenere in considerazione prima di decidere se un modello è migliore di un altro per le proprio esigenze.

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Photography Books

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Photography books are probably the most important resource in the development of my own photography education. Learning from others is an excellent way to improve your own skills and be inspired.

Books shown in this video:

Saul Leiter :: Early Black and White

Michael Kenna :: Images of the Seventh Day

Howard Greenberg Collection

Object: Photo
Modern Photographs from the Thomas Walther Collection (1909-1949)

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Ted Forbes
The Art of Photography
3100 Main St #135
Dallas, Texas 75226

DSLR Pinhole Photography

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Mod your DSLR camera’s body cap so that you can shoot digital pinhole photos, HDR, time lapse or even pinhole video!

For more information about this project, check out:

Drone Videography & Photography

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We’ve added a drone for all of our videography and photography services.

Drone for Corporate Videos
Drone for Wedding Videos
Drone for Music Videos
Drone for Special-Event Videos

Call: 0788215506 or Email: [email protected]

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Video Camera Review AND How To Get The Best Footage Out of It

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I go over the video camera features, modes, and settings, and how I set everything to get the best footage possible out of the Note 8.

**I discovered AFTER I did this video that you can use the stylus to change the settings while underwater, very handy!

My Rode VideoMicro Review:

Gear I used to make this video:
Galaxy Note 8:
Canon 1DX2:
Canon 5D4:
Canon 16-35 f/4L IS:
Canon 24-105L:
Canon 100mm Macro:
Rode VideoMic Pro:
Rode VideoMicro:
Rode SC7 Patch Cable for Smartphones:
Ulanzi Tripod Mount for smartphones:
Benro Travel Angel:
Benro PocketPod:
Neewer Filters:
Circular Polarizer and Filter Clip:

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Intro/Outro Song: Millhouse, by Jeramiah Johnson

Nokia 8 Camera Stock Camera VS Google Camera

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We installed the Google camera app on the Nokia 8 to find out if the Google HDR+ software would make any difference in the image quality, using the same camera!

(Download at own risk)

Google Camera App Link: (Snapdragon 810,821,835 Only)

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Music by my friend Zeek

DigitalRev TV’s Photographers’ Guide to Hong Kong

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Over the years, DRTV has unwittingly caught the wanderlustful eye of many a traveler. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of recommended Hong Kong locations for photography geeks and GAS sufferers alike!

The Complete List –

Possession Street
SoHo Mid-Level Escalators
Gage Street
Stanley Street

Sheung Wan:
Kai Wong Building
Wing Lee Street (only when it was in its good old time)

Wan Chai:
The Pawn
Lockhart Road

Causeway Bay:

Mong Kok:
Tung Choi Street (aka. Ladies’ Market)
Portland Street

Sham Shui Po:
Ap Liu Street
Tim Ho Wan Restaurant

Other random but nice places:
Sha Tin
Sai Kung
The Peak

Tsim Sha Tsui:
The harbour front
Avenue of Stars/Bruce Lee statue
Nathan Road
Chung King Mansions
9 Days / 9 Maiali
All Good Friend Camera
Champagne Court
Serenade Restaurant
Star ferry

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How To Photograph Star Trails – And Post Process Them

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Learn how to photograph star trails and how to post process them.

This video takes you step by step, giving you suggestions for gear, settings for star trails, along with some nighttime photo advice. The second half of the video shows the basics of processing your RAW star trail photos and finally how to stack them into a great looking star trail photograph.

My First Photography Workshop! (Giveaway at 30k!)

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My first photography workshop, giveaway at 30k! Truly humbling experience, thank you to everyone who signed up! Looking forward to doing more! Any ideas where the next one should be? Hit the subscribe button #Jvpesfam and as always y’all #MINOLTAGANG!

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Manfrotto tripod
Sony a5000
16-50 Kit lens

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